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Welcome to the family
Royale Con Queso


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[dropcap3]W[/dropcap3]e are a group of Clash Royale clans which were born the 5th of January of 2016, a day after the Beta release of the game. Since then we have been constantly at the trophy local clan ranking in Spain and some of our members are featured players at the individual local ranking of different countries.

In addition, you will also find important tournament players at RoyaleConQueso Family. It is well known that Clash Royale “Tournament Rules” mode is completely different to the trophies game mode aka ladder, and that requires us to have a specific talent search system for this specialty. Currently, we have an internal system to search competitive players that involves all the clans of the family, and this makes us one of the most skillful clans also in the Clash Royale competitive aspect.

But above all, we are very proud to consider us friends and to be opened to incorporate new members into this great family. We have an excellent atmosphere in all our clans, offline meetings have been very frequent between RoyaleConQueso Family members and we count with some of the most renowned Clash Royale youtubers of the Spanish-speaker community.


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